I wish I could say my vision is rare and my pictures wholly unique. But the simple truth is I share multiple aspects of my trade with other image-makers. We are, after all, chasing a common goal: capturing a slice of the world within a four-sided frame.

What I can say is that I’m unsparing in my efforts to transform the commonplace and transient into photographs that are engaging and memorable.

I don't have a fixed approach. Each commission or project has its own set of challenges, whether aesthetic, technical or logistical in nature. In preparation for the shoot, I enjoy the process of discovery and planning. Often this is a group effort, which can continue into the photo session itself.

I like people and relish the chance to engage them with my camera. The process works best when I’ve won their trust. I’m then able to coach and refine, and together we can create something distinctive and fresh. But on occasion the most intriguing photos are spawned when I limit my control and follow my subject’s lead, no matter how subtle or impulsive that may be.

If all this sounds good, let’s meet – virtually or in person. I’ll show you more images from my book and share the stories behind them. You’ll get to know me a little better, and I you. And we can discuss your picture projects – present, future, and prospective.

PS: Yes, my post-production incorporates ICC colour management.

PSS: Selected Honours: Graphis Annuals, multiple years (New York); Novum Magazine (now Grafikmagazin), feature article (Munich); World Catalogue Expo (Tokyo); PDN Annual (New York)

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Based in Bedfordshire.
Photographs people anywhere.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1234 870 232  (office/home in Bedfordshire, UK)

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